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Details of Last Week’s Demolitions in Al-Hadidya with Short Video

Demolitions in Al Hadidiya

On the 13th of August in Al Hadidiya, Jordan Valley, two bedouin
houses and two farmyards were demolished by the IOF. The demolisions
took place at 9 a.m. One bulldozer accompanied
by six jeeps from the IOF and the police carried them out.

The soldiers only gave the inhabitants between 5 and 10 minutes to
collect their belongings before demolition began. The operation was
led by the Officer of the Military Civilian Administration in the
Jordan Valley, who also remarked that they intend to come back in two
weeks to demolish all the remaining houses in the village. Two
families with a total of 27 people lived in these houses were left homeless.

For one of the families, this was the sixth time their home was
demolished, the first time being in the 1970’s. The other family had
their tractor and watertank confiscated by the IOF two weeks earlier.

At 1 p.m, members of ISM and stopthewall.org arrived at the scene,
noting that the victims were already restoring their farmyards.

According to the stopthewall.org’s Jordan Valley coordinator, these
demolisions are part of a bigger scheme to demolish a few houses every
week in different parts of the Jordan Valley, to finally force all the
Palestinians to leave the Jordan Valley area.

The stopthewall.org coordinator said that their organisation aim to
support the rebuilding of the houses as a kind of resistance to the
occupation in line with their motto, ‘to exist is to resist’.