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Artas and Walaja: Anti Wall and Occupation Demonstration

On Friday the 3rd August Anti-Wall and Anti Occupation demonstrations will be taking place in Artas and Walaja. Both these villages in the South Bethlehem region are subject to having significant amounts of their land confiscated by the illegal construction of the Aparthaid Wall. The construction of the Aparthaid Wall is illegal under international law. This grotesque land theft serves to economically and culturally impoverish the local communities by destroying their means of income and their historical connection to the land.

In solidarity with the local popular committees of Walaja and Artas, we invite you to participate in both demonstrations and add your voice to the growing number of people opposing the Israeli Occupation and its means of oppressing the Palestinian people.

Artas, South Bethlehem: 10am and then moving to Walaja for the demonstration at 12:30.

For additional information please contact Lui 059 955 1837

We hope to see you there.