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Tel Rumeida: Continued Harassment at Issa’s House

July 17th, 2007. At around 1pm at Issa Amro’s house in Tel Rumeida, two people from the ISM got detained by police after a settler incident. While three people from the ISM were monitoring the house, they noticed a settler, around his mid 20’s named David, sneaking around the house, circling the property and eventually trying to enter the property.

Soldiers were observing the situation but did not intervene until the settler entered the barbwire surrounded area at which point the ISM team told him to leave the privately owned Palestinian property. After leaving for a short while he and an older settler returned, along with soldiers and shortly after followed by a police man. The settler accused one of the members of ISM of obstruction of public order and another of assault.

They were both taken to the police office in Kiryat Arba. After a couple hours of “investigation” one activist was released and another was bullied into signing an agreement not to return to Hebron for two weeks.