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Tel Rumeida: Another Day, Another Stoning

By the ISM Media Team

At approximately 6:30 pm on Monday, June 25, two Human Rights workers were alerted to a stoning incident at the home of Hashem, directly below the Israeli Tel Rumeida settlement in the H2 area of Hebron, which is under Israeli military control. Upon their arrival, the settlers living in the house of Baruch Marzel above the Palestinian home temporarily ceased their aggression against their neighbors. Approximately 15 minutes later, the settlers began throwing stones and bottles down once more, ceasing again after a few minutes.

Hashem informed the HR workers that the throwing of stones, bottles, fruit and vegetables Monday had begun earlier, around 16:30 that afternoon, lasting for half an hour. The settlers, including an adult woman and two children, resumed throwing stones and other objects around 20:00, again for approximately half an hour, and later again at around 23:00 for half an hour. In the two latter incidences, Hashem was able to videotape the settlers’ throwing of objects at his home.

Hashem further related that this sort of aggressive behavior has been occurring on a nightly basis for an extended time, attacking the homes of Hashem and his neighbors on either side. Over the past months, the settlers in the home above have thrown a variety of rocks, bottles, fruit, vegetables, and even a dish washer into the back garden. The washing machine was aimed at Hashem as he attempted to clear out some of the rubbish from previous attacks. The machine was followed by a small boulder, also aimed at Hashem.

Settlers have also trespassed on Hashem’s land on different occasions, vandalizing his property by cutting all but one of the grape trees around his home and spraying graffiti on the walls.

As with earlier incidents, Hashem followed up the stoning by formally lodging a complaint with the police.