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Tel Rumeida: 15-year-old Boy Hit By a Soldier in a Police Car

By the ISM Media Team

June 29th, 2007 – At approximately 10 o’clock two 15-year-old boys where detained by The Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) for shaking the fence surrounding the Jewish cemetery. The cemetery is placed opposite one of the boys home and the boys where playing on the road. When the boys passed the check point at the top of Tel Rumeida street the soldiers detained them. An international human right worker (HRW) asked why they were detained and one of the soldiers replied “Because they need to suffer for touching the fence into the cemetery.”

After approximately an hour and 10 minutes the police arrived but they drove off without even questioning why the boys where detained. After another 35 minutes the police came back and took the two boys away in a police car with two police officers in the front seats and two soldiers in the back with the boys. The father of one of the boys tried to get into the car with his son but he was blocked by the soldiers.

The boys returned after 15 minutes. The police had taken them around in the car while the soldiers asked them different questions. One of the boys told an international HRW about the tour in the police car afterwards. He said that his friend answered a question from one of the soldiers and that the soldier replied by hitting him on his cheek.