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Marking 40th Anniversary of Occupation

Demos in London, Madrid, Tel Aviv in Solidarity with the Palestinian People
from the International Press Center

GAZA, Palestine, June 10, 2007 (IPC+ Agencies) – -Thousands of people gathered in central Tel Aviv Saturday evening to attend a rally protesting Israel’s continued occupation of the Palestinian territories on 40th anniversary of 1967 six- day war. More than 20 Spanish humanitarian, NGO’s and parties in association with the Palestinian community in Madrid set off a similar demo.

London also witnessed the biggest demo of 50,000 demonstrators in solidarity with the Palestinian people and his just cause among were Dr. Mustaf Al Burghouti, PLO representative at Britain and other Palestinian figures.

Plethora of British parliamentarians among were Veteran campaigners Bruce Kent of CND, Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn and Green MEP Caroline Lucas , George Galway, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, Riah Abu El Assal, and Mairead Corrigan Maguire, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the “Peace People” in Northern Ireland in 1976. . The protestors gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square.

The Prime Minister Ismael Haneyeh addressed the gathering by video in which he stressed on the need to support the national unity government to enable it to assume its responsibilities as well as support the Palestinian people right of liberation, independency and to attain an equitable peace.

He also underscored the independency of the Palestinian decision-making and backing the struggle of the Palestinian people, right of refugees to return back to their homelands and uplift the unfair embargo on the Palestinians. Also Dr. Al Burghouti addressed the demonstrators and thanked their participation and showing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“There has been something wrong when the Israeli occupation continues to become the most prolonged occupation the modern history and converted in an apartheid system, as the world keep idle, ” Al Burghouti addressed the gathering.

He added that there has been something wrong when the Palestinian people punished by political and aid embargo instead of divesting Israel for persistent sanction and abuse against the Palestinian people.

“There has been something wrong when the Palestinian democratic which is the best in the Middle East and ministers and MPs were arrested.” He added “there has been soothing wrong when the Palestinian need four entry permissions to move in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that have turned into ghettoes and cantos and cur into pieces by 500 permanent checkpoint and 600 flying roadblocks.”

In central Tel Aviv Saturday evening Thousands of people gathered to attend a rally protesting Israel’s continued occupation of the Palestinian territories. The event was organized by left-wing groups including Meretz, Peace Now and Anarchists against the Wall. The protesters marched from Rabin Square to the Tel Aviv Museum, where they held a big rally.

Participants shouted slogans against the occupation and raised signs saying, “The occupation corrupts,” “The settlements – Israel’s catastrophe,” and “The occupation – a disgrace.”

In connection, more than 20 Spanish NGOs; humanitarian and political parties in association with the Palestinian community in Madrid organized a rally marking the 40th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. In a joint press, the organizations called all institutions, individuals and humanitarian bodies to monitor the dismissal living condition of the Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation that has been practicing all forms of tyranny and refuse to recognize his right of self-determination.

The statement called for feasible measures to compel Israel to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories in 1967 including East Jerusalem, dismantle of Jewish settlements, cessation of building the apartheid wall and freeze partnership agreement between the European Union and Israel.

It also urged the Spanish government put off the agreement of military trade with Israel and recognition of the legitimate Palestinian democracy with no prerequisite and surmount all obstacles in the way of convening an international peace conference in the Middle East among its goals establishment of a sovereign viable Palestinian state within 1967 borders.