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Critical Mass Against the Occupation

What: Critical Mass Against the Occupation
When: Tuesday, 5.6, 16:00
Where: Leaving from the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and continuing to the streets of Tel Aviv

On Tuesday the 5th of June, the day in which Israel attacked its neighboring countries and declared the Six Days War, the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will turn 40. This is also the opening day for a week of protest and resistance to the occupation, which is planned to include cultural activities, direct actions, demonstrations and more (see Kibush.org).
To mark to opening of this week we will go on a critical mass tour of the occupation in the streets of Tel Aviv.

Critical mass is a protest tactic originating in the green movement, which utilizes bicycles and other self-propelled vehicles to take the streets en masse. The purpose of Critical Mass rides are to demonstrate and to de facto reclaim the exclusive control of the road from motorized vehicles in a legal way. In the absence of a law prohibiting bicyclers from riding on the road, the “we are not disturbing traffic, we ARE the traffic” strategy makes it hard for the police to disperse critical mass rides.

The rides are organized in a decentralized and non-hierarchic way. As part if the ride we propose to use different stunts and gimmicks in order to attract the attention of passersby, such as music, whistles, flags, signs, the use of special bikes on so on and so forth. Please bring your own message and an instrument to convey it with you.

We will meet at 16:00 in front of the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, and will continue from there to paint the streets of Tel Aviv with the message of freedom and equality for all.