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Demolition at Beit Izja

Demolition at Beit Izja/Givon Hahadasha
from ICAHD, 3 May 2007

This morning, Thursday 3rd May 2007, the IDF, Border Police guards, Private Security Guards, a contractor and some labourers arrived at the home of Abu Samir (Muhammad Sabri Ghanayem) to take down the fence around his house and replace it with a higher and more solid one. Abu Samir lives on the outer edge of Beit Ijza village, on what is effectively now part of the Givon HaHadasha settlement. His house was built in the early 90’s (Pre-Oslo) with permission from the relevant authorities at the time (ie. Bet El – Civil Administration Office) and therefore, after several court hearings, the Supreme Court had ruled that the house may NOT be demolished.

The arrival of the workers and the security forces this morning alarmed Abu Samir and his three sons, and they went out to try to stop the workers. Clashes ensued between Abu Samir’s family (including his elderly wife) and the security forces and one of his sons was seriously injured and taken to Ramallah hospital. Meanwhile Abu Samir and the other two sons were arrested for obstructing the work.

I arrived on the scene after they were already taken but I was assured by the many IDF Officers present that the construction was simply to create a higher fence, on top of a one-metre high concrete wall, to create more security for the residents of the area, in what is a very ‘delicate’ situation.

In the meantime, I have tried to contact the Israeli DCL to check on Abu Samir and his sons but I have not heard back from them yet.

Thanks to all of you for your interest today, and I will keep you posted with any further developments.

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