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Tree Planting in Biddu

Tree Planting in Biddu
by Tom Hayes, Brighton Palestine, 23 April 2007

Today the people of Biddu marched to the site of the annexation wall to plant trees in a nearby military area. Biddu has been the site of one of the longest struggles against the wall and has been successful in moving the route of the wall through popular struggle

The demonstration marched through the center of the village to the site of the wall where speakers reaffirmed the commitment to the right of return and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Demonstrations in Biddu have often been met with violence, several nonviolent activists have been shot dead with live ammunition at previous actions.

The demonstration took place under the gaze of Israeli soldiers and police standing at the gate of the wall. At one point soldiers fired rubber bullets into the crowd.

The villagers then planted several olive trees in an area close to the annexation barrier.

Villagers then visited a Palestinian home inside the settlement which is enclosed by a military fence on four sides and can only be accessed through a military gate.

Today’s demonstration reaffirmed the people of Biddu’s commitment to struggle against the wall and the illegal occupation