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IOF Harrassment in Izbat at-Tabib

IOF Harrassment in Izbat at-Tabib
by Tom Hayes, 18 April 2007

The village of Izbat at-Tabib, in Qalqillya region, has been undergoing constant harassment by the IOF this week. The army has entered the village every day, often setting up flying checkpoints close to the village.

Two days ago the IOF ordered all residents to leave their houses while they searched people’s homes. One resident said that local people were forced to stand outside in the cold facing the wall with their arms raised for over two hours.

The 250 residents of Izbat at-Tabib live in constant fear of their houses being demolished. The village is unrecognized by the Israeli military authorities, despite th fact that it has been lived in since before 1967. Most houses in the village, situated in Area C, have been issued demolition orders. Although none of the planned demolitions have taken place they could happen at any time. The villagers have not improved their houses as a result and most live in basic accommodation.

The residents of Izbat at-Tabib are calling for international support in the face of continued army harassment.