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Beit Furik: Palestinians Defy Israeli Apartheid

Hundreds defy apartheid restrictions on movement in Beit Furik
from IWPS, 1 April 2007

Nearly 200 Palestinian and international activists defied Israel’s apartheid policies at the Beit Furik checkpoint in Nablus today. The non-violent demonstrators joined together to resist the closure of the checkpoints by the Israeli military for the Jewish Pesacht holiday. The demonstration was also commemorating the anniversary of the Palestinians’ Land Day when, 31 years ago, the Israeli military killed six Palestinians who were resisting the confiscation of their land during a non-violent demonstration in the Galilee.

The Palestinian and international demonstrators marched toward the checkpoint chanting slogans against the closure and Israel’s apartheid restrictions on freedom of movement. Soldiers were unable to block their path and the demonstrators were able to proceed to the Beit Furik side of the checkpoint. The activists then occupied the checkpoint, sitting down in the center of the crossing.

Since 2002, it has only been possible to enter Nablus through six checkpoints on foot. It is even more difficult to exit. Men between 16 and 45 (it varies from day to day) can only exit their city with a special Israeli-issued permit which can only be obtained outside of Nablus. The city is often sealed off during Jewish holidays. Today, the road to Beda was blocked by soldiers and hundreds of young Palestinians were prevented from leaving Nablus through Huwarra checkpoint.

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