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At the Checkpoint: Photo Exhibit

Palestinian photographer Khaled Jarrar will exhibit his photos at Qalandya checkpoint, one of the largest checkpoints in the West Bank. These photos show the daily suffering of Palestinians at checkpoints and the Wall.

Commenting on the Qalandya photo exhibition, Khaled Jarrar stated: “I want to show people our tragedy through my art, the reality of the daily humiliation we suffer, how old people, women and children are treated at the checkpoints. This is my form of nonviolence resistance.”

Qalandia checkpoint is not located on a any border. Instead, the checkpoint has been erected between the Palestinian towns of Ramallah and Qalandia refugee camp, on one side, ar-Ram and Occupied East Jerusalem on the other. Thus Palestinians are forcibly parted from Jerusalem– the historical, economic, spiritual, and physical heart of the West Bank.

Passage through Qalandya checkpoint has become nearly impossible for most Palestinians, and for those needing to reach nearby Jerusalem. In order to reach home, work, and families, Palestinians must cross through this fortress-like structure. Passage is denied to Palestinians without an Israeli-issued Jerusalemite residency I.D. or permit. Palestinians– women and men, young and elderly, are all subject to this form of collective punishment. Eligible Palestinians must usually exit the car on either side of the massive barrier, make their way through a maze of turnstiles, gates, Israeli soldiers, metal detectors and video cameras, before exiting the other side where they can board another vehicle to reach their destinations. This nightmare is even worse when a medical emergency is involved. Palestinians seeking medical attention are often refused crossing by the Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint.

The exhibition, entitled “At the Checkpoint”, has previously touched base at Huwara checkpoint outside of Nablus and in Ramallah at the International Academy of Art.

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Khaled Jarrar 0599303232
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