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Second Casualty and Other Victims of Operation Hot Winter


Father of five, Ghareb Abdel Ghani Selhab, 47, a resident of Nablus old city who had a heart attack after a tear gas canister was fired into his home, died this morning. He had been in Watani hospital since the attack on Tuesday 26th February on a life support machine. According to the Red Crescent Society who sent an ambulance to evacuate Mr. Selhab they were prevented by the Israeli military from accessing his home for over an hour.

Anan Al-Tibi,49-year old father of four, was shot dead on February 26th,when he went up to the roof of his home to check on the water source. His 20-year old son Ashraf, a medical volunteer, was shot in his right hand, shattering his elbow, while attempting to warn his father that the military were in the area. Ashraf was then detained by the Israeli military and released hours later. He is still in Nablus Specialist Hospital (Nablus Al Tachasusi).
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Eleven year old Jihan Dahadush was used as a human shield and led around the old city for an hour and a half in front of ten Israeli soldiers.
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Several men who were rounded up and detained by the Israeli military testified that after being detained, blindfolded, handcuffed, and denied access to food, water, for between six and twenty hours, they were released in front of Huwarra military base after being asked only basic questions such as what is your name and where do you live.

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Jihan Dahadush

a Nablus family in front of their wall destroyed by IOF