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Pesach March to Nablus Checkpoint- “Let my people go”

On Monday, April 2, Palestinians will be joined by international solidarity activists in the West Bank city of Nablus for a non-violent demonstration at the Israeli checkpoint, Beit Furik. Activists will be demonstrating against Israeli Apartheid and Israel’s restriction of freedom of movement in Nablus.

Since 2002 it has only been possible to enter Nablus through six checkpoints on foot. It is even more difficult to exit. Men between 16 and 45 (it varies from day to day) can only exit their city with a special permit that can be obtained only outside Nablus. The city is often sealed off during Jewish holidays. Almost nightly the residents of Nablus are the victims of violent military raids and their lives have not been peaceful or normal for years Demonstrators are planning to meet in Nablus at 10am. From there, the crowd will board buses and head toward the Beit Furik checkpoint.

There will be a demonstration and representatives will give speeches regarding the effects of the Israeli Occupation on Nablus and Palestine as a whole.

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