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Nablus man critical after denial of medical treatment

by the ISM media team, February 26th

Residents in the Old City of Nablus woke up this morning to find their city under curfew for the second day with dozens of military vehicles and hundreds of soldiers with dogs on their streets.

Like citizens all over the West Bank, most Nabulsi face a daily struggle to feed themselves and their families due to the economic embargo imposed by the international community last year for exercising their democratic rights. Unlike in previous sieges residents can’t now afford to stock up on provisions even if they are able to break curfew.

At around noon IOF shot in the neck and murdered 41-year old Anan al-Teibi and seriously wounded his 24-year old son Ashraf in the elbow whilst the pair were on the roof of their house. When the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC) tried to evacuate Ashraf they found him in shock and tried to escort him down the stairs. Their path was blocked by soldiers, who beat up one UPMRC volunteeer. The volunteer was detained together with a doctor. The doctor was released but the UPMRC volunteer remains in detention.

International volunteers are accompanying UPMRC volunteers in getting basic food and medical supplies to families although the IOF often prevent this. According to UPMRC sources, since the invasion started they have been unable to get insulin to 8 people who have requested it.

Around 25 houses are still occupied in central Nablus. In one four-storey house belonging to the Dilal family 20 people, including 8 babies and a pregnant woman have been locked into one room, while the other storeys are being used as a prison, for intelligence and for interrogation purposes.

Ghareb Abdel Ghani Selhab is in a critical condition in Watani hospital after tear gas was fired into his house. The 47-year old asthma sufferer had a severe attack and, according to witnesses, an ambulance was prevented from reaching him for two hours.

International volunteers heard local men being beaten and witnessed them being humiliated on the streets by being forced to undress.