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American Hummus – CNNI: Extensive report on injured Israeli teen, no mention of Palestinian deaths

CNN International,

Israel to resume “pinpoint” targeting of militants in Gaza.

With dramatic footage of Israeli teenagers injured by a Palestinian rocket, Mathew Chance reports the current truce as a sham. We see footage of rockets being set up and fired while the Israeli government spokesperson talks about continuing Israeli restraint amid a constant barrage of rockets from the Palestinians.

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Since the truce began, these are the only Israelis to be injured by rockets or anything else from Palestinians.

However, left out of Mr. Chance’s report are the victims of Israeli restraint:

Below are the Palestinian victims of Israeli restraint obtained from Palestinian Centre for Human Rights , for the month of December:

13 Palestinians including 3 children were killed by the Israeli army
36 Palestinians including 16 children were wounded by the Israeli army
189 Palestinians including 14 Children were arrested by the Israeli army

Almost all of these killings were in the West Bank. They had nothing to do with rockets.

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ABC News wipes Palestine off the map as US media portray Bethlehem

“It is unconscionable that Bethlehem should be allowed to die slowly from strangulation.”
– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The Archbishop captures conditions in Bethlehem today as a result of the wall that Israel has built around it, in addition to continued Israeli settlement expansion, travel restrictions on Palestinians and all of the hardships of living under brutal military occupation. As a result, the Christian population is continuing to leave Bethlehem, not due to problems with Muslims, which many in the US media would have us believe, but due to occupation and as Jimmy Carter so aptly labeled, “apartheid” in his new book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid.

According to Open Bethlehem and a Two Nation survey by Zogby International, Americans support Bethlehem – but are not sure where it is.

For full results of the survey visit Open Bethlehem

America vs Bethlehem

Most Americans believe Bethlehem is an Israeli town inhabited by a mixture of Jews and Muslims, a pre-Christmas survey of US perceptions of the town has shown.

Only 15 per cent of Americans realize that it is a Palestinian city with a mixed Christian-Muslim community, lying in the occupied West Bank.

While the Christians of Bethlehem overwhelmingly (78%) blame the exodus of Christians from the town on Israel’s blockade, Americans are more likely (45.9%) to blame it on Islamic politics and are reluctant (7.4%) to blame Israel.

And while four out of ten Americans believe that the wall exists for Israel’s security, more than nine out of ten Bethlehemites believe it is part of a plan by Israel to confiscate Palestinian land.

A sampling of media reports during the Christmas holiday reveal why Americans remain so ignorant of conditions in a town they hold so dear.

ABC News eliminates Palestine from the map:

ABC news provides a good barometer by which to measure the US media’s presentation of Bethlehem as the birthplace of Jesus.

What follows are three clips which reveal why very few Americans know that Israel has constructed a wall around Bethlehem which is strangling the holy city. Only when ABC retraces the steps of the holy family does Wilf Dinnick mention the wall, but at least he does mention the wall and the fact that it cuts off Bethlehem from Jerusalem. Unfortunately, one would get the impression that Palestinians are responsible for this wall being built. There are a few other problems with the presentation, not the least of which is the map.

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Imagine if this map was ever presented with the label Palestine instead of Israel.

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A Festive Bethlehem:

Another ABC report presents a “festive” Bethlehem “where some are wearing santa hats”.

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A Subdued Bethlehem

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There were no other reports that I saw where the wall was even mentioned. In the interview for the Newshour, it appears that Reverend Jamal Khader is answering a question about the implications of the wall but there is no mention of it. The question and the beginning of the answer were edited out. I’m pretty sure that the “it” to which the priest refers is in fact the wall.

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Finally there is CBS

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CBS reported that foreigners stayed away despite Israel’s relaxing of restrictions, though they never address why or what restrictions were supposedly relaxed for that matter.

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Maybe it’s the ghettoization of Bethlehem as described by Mary Ann Weston in the Chicago Tribune:

The city of Christ’s birth is now partially surrounded by a wall, much of it 25 or more feet high, an unbroken expanse of solid, gray concrete, a medieval city wall updated with 21st Century cameras and razor wire. The wall snakes through Bethlehem and the nearby countryside, separating farmers from their fields, workers from their jobs and families from their neighbors. …

The wall effectively annexes Israeli West Bank settlements, although they are considered illegal under international law. The settlements are fast-growing Israeli enclaves built on Palestinian land, their close-packed dwellings marching up once-forested hillsides like monochromatic Lego blocks. Bethlehem is surrounded by 27 settlements containing 73,000 people, according to Open Bethlehem, a local advocacy group. The settlements are connected by bypass roads that are off limits to Palestinians.

The wall and other Israeli restrictions on movement have made Christian and Muslim areas of the West Bank such as Bethlehem virtual ghettos