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Israeli military refuses treatment for injured Palestinian journalist they hold

Photo of Emad filming the demonstration in Bil’in on Friday 2nd June 2006. Emad is on the left with the baseball cap and high-vis jacket. Click cropped image above for full image.


Emad Bornat, the Bil’in cameraman seized by the Israeli military after a demonstration on October 6th, remains in detention after military judge Dahan postponed his decision on Emad’s release yesterday. The judge ordered that Emad receive immediate medical treatment after the Israeli military had refused to carry out the instructions of an earlier judge to have Emad seen by a doctor. At a hearing on October 10th the judge ordered an investigation into the serious head injuries Emad suffered after capture, as reported by Haaretz last week. Emad still has stitches above the corner of his left eye, which the military maintain was caused by equipment falling on him in the jeep.

Emad has now spent 12 days in detention and is charged with throwing stones at soldiers with one hand whilst simultaneously filming with the other. A judge ordered Emad’s release last week but the Israeli military appealed the decision and demanded conditions on his bail. These conditions were discussed in court yesterday with the military prosecutor arguing that Emad was too ‘dangerous’ to be released before his trial, which is likely to be next week. The judge’s decision on Emad’s release will be tomorrow at 4pm.

For more information:

Mohammed Khatib, Bil’in Anti-wall Popular Committee: 054 557 3285
Attorney Gaby Laski: 054 441 8988
Israeli video-journalist Shai Polack: 054 533 3364
ISM Media office: 02 297 1824