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Bil’in: Solidarity With Unpaid Workers Demo


At the weekly Friday demonstration in Bil’in tomorrow the villagers will be marching to the Apartheid Wall that has stolen half of their agricultural land. The march will start from the mosque at 1pm after prayers . As well as protesting against the theft of their land the villagers will be expressing solidarity with all the public sector workers who haven’t been paid in the last 6 months after the international community and Occupation authorities withdrawing financial support and taxes from the Palestinian Authority. In addition the international community, led by the US, has banned foreign banks from transferring money to the PA and other Palestinian institutions.

The Israeli imposed economic strangulation has made Palestine dependent on foreign aid for the provision of basic services such as health and education. Israel collects taxes from Palestinians to be re-paid to the PA, but has refused to do so for the past 6 months. The march in Bil’in tomorrow will express solidarity and unity with all those public servants who have been reduced to living in poverty because of the economic blockade imposed by Israel and the international community. This is the first time in history that an occupied nation has been targetted by such sanctions.

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