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Farmer’s Land Threatened by Israeli Bulldozers in Beit Ummar


Early this morning Israeli bulldozers came back to destroy village agricultural lands after they were blocked by the people of Beit Ummar yesterday. A group of Palestinians and internationals who went early to the lands succeeded to stop the work and push the bulldozers back.

Right now, there is no work going on even after a decision from a judge of the Israeli military high court yesterday to continue the work. Local people and the army are waiting for the lawyer to come to observe the work on the ground.

The people and the internationals there are expecting the bulldozers to come back at any moment to continue bulldozing the lands. Therefore they are ready to non-violently block the bulldozers with their bodies to prevent more bulldozing for the lands. For now, the bulldozers are not working in the lands anymore. They moved to another area and the people there are waiting for the lawyer.

The army commander has been saying that Israeli settlers bought the lands. However, the local DCO (District Coordinating Office – essentially the Israeli civil/military administration) when called have said that this is not true and that the army have an order to take the lands for “security” to build a wall for the Krmi Tsor settlement.

In total, 5000 dunmans of agricultural land will be confiscated if they succeed.

The judge of the Israeli military high court said that the work should continue after the commander called him last night.

Right now 10 people from Beit Ummar and Halhul are the near the Karmi Tsor settlement which is it closed to road 60.

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