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Fishing boats subjected to the Israeli army fire

by Mona ElFarra, July 10th

Mona with residents of Jabalia refugee camp

Dear all,
It is 11am , Monday , no electricity in my apartment for the last 18 hours ,I’m at home and I would like to share with you quickly what I have seen in front of my window , in the last 15 minutes.

Mona treating a boy wounded by Israeli shelling at AlAwda hospital in Jabalia Refugee camp.

You know that the Gazan fishermen , were not allowed to go fishing , since the start of the recent assault against Gaza , fish have become expensive , and scarce. Can you believe it , fish is expensive in the markets of sea town like Gaza? Now it is the season for the most cheap fish that most Gazans can afford , it is called Sardine fish , it is small and tasty ,cheap and very popular too , for the last 2 weeks , no fish boats were allowed into the sea , even for short depth , today I watched desperate fishing boat , literally under my window ,may be 150 meters inside the sea , all of a sudden , I started to hear heavy shelling , shooting , quickly I asked sondos, my daughter, to move to the back of the flat , and with a quick glance , I could see the Israeli gun boat firing around the fishing boat, which had to go back to the port ,it was not hit , the heavy shooting were warning shots !!!!!!

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before about the suffering of the fishermen , as well as the farmers , workers , students all Palestinian living under occupation…

What a relief! THE POWER IS ON ! I need to hurry up now charge my mobile, laptop, torch, and do quick washing, and have a shower too. It is valuable, and big treat those days to have a nice shower , with scarce water and patchy power , after that I am going to an important emergency meeting , to see how can we help Beit Labia village people , and the Rafah Bedouin people who were displaced because of the recent attack into their villages and communities .

in love and solidarity

Mona ElFarra is a physician, human rights and women’s rights activist, living and practising in the occupied Gaza Strip.