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Demonstration and Wedding at Bil’in!


On July 14th, at 1pm, as part of the weekly demonstration, the people of Bil’in and international and Israeli supporters will celebrate continued life and love in the face of the occupation and apartheid wall. The Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements will honor Palestinian activists Mansour Mansour and Iman Mansour as they celebrate their wedding at the apartheid wall.

Iman and Mansour had tried to get married in Iman’s home city of Gaza, but were denied entry by the Israeli army. They had then planned to hold their wedding at the Bil’in outpost, but since the outpost is usually declared a ‘closed military zone’, the wedding will take place at the wall as a demonstration of resistance against restriction of movement.

Iman is Palestinian American and has been facing harassment by the border police as a result of her activism. She has been threatened with arrest if she participates in future demonstrations. Mansour, from the village of Biddu, is a long-term ISM Coordinator working to stop the apartheid wall.

For more information please call:

Abdullah Abu Rahme: 054 725 8210
Mohammad Khatib: 054 5573285
Iyad Burnat: 054 7847 942
ISM Media office: 02 297 1824 or 0599 943 157