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Apartheid Wall demo at Al Khadr this Friday


This Friday the villagers of Al Khadr will be joined by Israeli and international peace activists in a demonstration against the Apartheid Wall being built through the village. There will be a march to the construction site from the mosque after prayers at 1pm.

The Apartheid Wall in Al Khader will isolate 95% of the village’s land behind the wall. A tunnel is also being constructed destroying more of the village’s land and controlling movement from villages West of the Wall to Bethlehem. The route of the Wall though Al Khadr belies Israeli ‘security’ claims and reveals its true nature which is to annex as much land as possible while fencing Palestinians into ghettos.

Several peaceful demos have taken place on recent Fridays in this mixed Christian and Muslim village where both sections of the community cooperate in the campaign against the Wall.

A spokesperson from the popular committee against the Wall in the Bethlehem region said, “an aim of the demonstrations is to build bridges between communities and show that peaceful co-existence between both sides is possible”.

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