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Unwelcome Visitors in the Night

by F.

Tonight at about 10pm seven Israeli soldiers came to our apartment and knocked on the door. They wanted to come in, and I told them no, they couldn’t. They asked why, I told them that we do not allow guns in our home and that if they wanted to come in, they’d have to leave their guns outside.

One of them said something smelled bad outside. Usually it’s the plumbing here… it’s not quite as good as Israelis are used to. I suggested to him that maybe he farted? This caused the soldiers to laugh, and the soldier denied it. They asked me again to let them in, and, again, I told them no. Then I closed the window on the door. They banged on it for maybe about five more minutes and then left.

About an hour later I got a call from someone saying they ransacked a neighbors house. I called the neighbor and she said the soldiers destroyed a lot of things in their home and took their mobile phones. I asked her if she wanted us to come over. She said if they came back, she would call us over.

So I think I am going to go to bed now. They door is bolted and so far no calls…

Tomorrow I will go over to the Abu Haykle home and see what happened over there.