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Separation Wall Divides Neighborhood in Bethlehem

From Bethlehem Bloggers

The comments that will be posted by Zionists after this blog entry will possibly try and argue that “the wall is to stop the terrorists” and “if the terrorists stopped bombing Israel, there would be no need for this” and “the Palestinians bomb us because they hate us.” or sometimes even “we won the war fair and square – therefore we won the land.” All of these comments have been posted in responce to previous blog articles before.

Non of these comments have anything whatsoever to do with the above pictures. This ‘tunnel’ was driven through a previously prosperous area of Bethlehem in order to create a ‘safe passage’ so that Jewish Orthodox settlers could visit Rachel’s Tomb.

To clarify this further, this entire area has been economically and infastructurally devastated – distrupting and destroying the day to day lives of thousands of Christian and Muslim Palestinians – so that a small number of Israeli citizens can continue to visit a holy site in a city which they have no entitlement to under international law.

This sort of action does not demonstrate that the Israeli state feels hatred towards the Palestinians. Nor does it demonstrate that they are intimidated by the Palestinians and wish to secure themselves against attack. It proves that the Israeli state is willing to entirely ignore the very existence of the Palestinians. It proves that they are willing to place the religous ‘right to worship’ of their own people above the very infastructural viability of a Palestinian city.

It is for this reason that the Palestinians are angry. It is for this reason that some in Palestine choose to respond with violence. For every street that is calved in half, for every civilian that is ‘accidentally’ killed in a raid, for every field that is destroyed to make way for a new settler road, for every house that is demolished to build a new settlement; hundreds more Palestinians are over come with anger. If you want peace, the first move must be yours Israel, and you know what it is; LEAVE US ALONE, WITDRAW FROM THE ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED TERRITORIES AND STOP DESTROYING OUR INFASTRUCTURE. TREAT US AS EQUALS AND WE WILL TREAT YOU AS NEIGHBORS.