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Paul Larudee Finally Gets His Day in Court

UPDATE, 15th June, 4:30pm: According to Paul’s lawyer, the final decision will be heard at 8:30am on Sunday morning. More details to follow.


Tomorrow morning at 11:30, Paul Larudee, the 60 year-old piano tuner and ISM peace activist will get a court hearing to decide whether or not the state of Israel will succeed in its efforts to deny his entry to Palestine. In the Tel Aviv district court (Weizman street 1), Judge Pilpel will hear the arguments from both sides and decide whether or not to deport him back to California.

Paul has been held in detention since the 4th of June. Paul’s reading and writing materials were confiscated by the Israeli authorities, but the latter were returned after consular and legal intervention. Only the representatives of the American consulate and his attorney are being allowed to speak with him. Unlike most other detainees in the same prison, he has not been allowed to use his cellular phone.

Paul Larudee, PhD, is one of those gifted people who can make a piano sing, and he was on his way to the occupied West Bank to tune pianos and to support Palestinian non-violent resistance to the Israeli Occupation.

Israeli attorney Gabi Lasky stated: “The policy of blacklisting a nonviolent peace activist as persona-non-grata, then denying them access to the Occupied Territories because of their nonviolent activities raises questions regarding Israel’s intentions to resolve the conflict through dialogue and nonviolent means”.

Support from anyone in the court room or outside would be much appreciated.

For more information call Paul’s lawyer:
Gabi Lasky: 0544 418 988