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Israeli Military Raid ISM Apartment in Balata Camp

The apartment belonging to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in Balata refugee camp, Nablus was broken into by the Israeli military last week, May 31st. In what is an apparent act of vandalism and harassment, the military forced their way into the empty apartment and destroyed many things.

A neighbor reported, “At 1am, the Israeli army bombed both doors in order to enter the house. When they entered, the started shooting all over the house. They broke the toilet, the dishes, everything. The house is a huge mess. They also bombed the walls between two rooms. Really loud, horrible sounds were heard. They left the house at 4am.”

The IOF regularly enters Balata refugee camp and conducts operations, arresting people, often children, and indiscriminately destroying property. They often occupy houses, herding the family into one room and setting up snipers in the house or on the roof. It is not clear why they entered the ISM apartment, but it is not uncommon treatment in Balata.