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ACTION ALERT: Israel Attempting to Expel Bil’in Family Man to Jordan


Tomorrow, June 5th, at 9:00 am, the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem will hold a hearing concerning a petition against the decision of the army to expel to Jordan one of the residents of Bil’in.

The plaintiff is Assam Ibrahim Ali Khateeb, whose family immigrated to Jordan in 1966. During the Oslo times the family came back to Bil’in, but the requests of most of its members for a Palestinian citizenship (which requires the consent of Israel) were refused.

Assam himself entered the West Bank on January 1999 with a tourist visa. He married a Palestinian from Bil’in and in January 2006 became a father. Assam was arrested on January 2006 and since then has been held in the Offer camp. The State is asking the Court to cancel the temporary injunction that prevents him from being expelled to Jordan.

The request of his relatives and friends from Bil’in to have a permit to enter Israel and attend the Court hearing was denied. Therefore, the only familiar (or at least friendly) faces he is likely to see in Court are Israeli or international supporters.

Anyone who can make it please come to the Court. The hearing is in HCJ 650/06, before Judges Grunis, Na’or and Hayut, at hall C of the Supreme Court, at 9:00.

His family is asking anyone with a camera to try and take photos of Assam (of course, before the judges enter the hall). If photos are obtained, we can later give them to his family, via the Popular Committee in Bil’in.

For more information:
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