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Protest against settler violence in Mt. Hebron

Message from Taayush South Hebron Committee:

Saturday, May 6, we will protest against settler violence.
Please contact us at the two email addresses below for times and locations.


We shall protest against their violence and the indifference of the security forces in South Mt. Hebron. Last week, children from Tuba were attacked on their way back from school by settlers from Maon. In spite of the presence of military and police forces, the harassment of the children continued for an entire hour till Ta’ayush activists reached the spot.

Settlers from Avigail, Sussya and its outposts continue to attack and harrass Palestinians living in the region and damage their property. The Israeli security forces always manage to arrive when it is too late to prevent the destruction. Those wishing to join should send their name and phone-number to one of the following

From our experience in this region, the number of participants makes a great difference. Do try to help us.
South Mt. Hebron Committee”