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Palestinians Demand Freedom of Worship


Demonstration at the entrance of Shofat Refugee Camp: Friday 19th May, 10am

Worshipers going to Al-Aqsa Mosque to pray the Friday prayer, residents of the Shofat refugee camp and Israeli and International supporters will demonstrate at the checkpoint at the camp’s entrance. The worships will demand access to Islam’s holy sites and protest the brutal behaviour of the Israeli Border Police against the residents.

Residents of the camp have been complaining for many months about the behaviour of the Border Police in the camp, which has included cursing, pushing, beating and throwing concussion grenades. These are common procedures at the checkpoint near the entrance to the camp. The situation deteriorates in particular on Fridays when many worshipers try to go to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Border Police attack those waiting in line, mostly elderly worshippers, with particularly harsh violence.

Shofat Camp resident Ibrahim said: “Normally soldiers are asking 10 year old boys for documents or will not let them pass [documentation is not issued by Israeli authorities to Palestinian children until age 16] and they always treat worshippers brutally. They refuse to let buses through into the camp so the people have to go by foot whether it is hot or raining. It’s real suffering everyday. We will continue to demonstrate as long as they treat us this way.”

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