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Jerusalem in Exile


From: PLO Mission – Washington, DC
A book in the making, help write it

An Invitation to Palestinians Across the World

Work started on the preparation of an exceptional book with a new concept “Jerusalem in exile – tangible memories” by artist Steve Sabella. The book seeks to explore the visual images of Jerusalem in the minds of Palestinians who live in the Diaspora, as well as Palestinians who live in Palestine but are incapable of reaching their city. The project will photographically materialize the various mental images Palestinians have of Jerusalem in their memories and imagination.

These participations will be presented on the “Jerusalem in exile” web site, and this art experience will be documented in a book which will be edited by poet Najwan Darwish. The book will compile various testimonies and texts on Jerusalem and other related subjects by a number of distinguished Palestinians artists, intellectuals and participants.

The work will also be inaugurated in Jerusalem in the form of an exhibition and will subsequently tour various cities globally. Go to http://www.sabellaphoto.com/sky.htm for Steve Sabella’s art statement, which presents the art project’s idea and includes an invitation to participate in the art project.

Please forward this invitation.

Your contributions will be published on the web site that will create a visual bridge through imaginings and memories that will connect Palestinians from all over the world with Jerusalem. Some of these contributions will form the book Jerusalem in exile tangible memories.