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ICAHD: “Don’t Say ‘We Didn’t Know'”

A message from the Israeli committee against home demolitions:

A few years ago Zakya from the village Zita donated a kidney to her brother. It didn’t help and he passed away due to delays in the granting of permits for continuation of the treatments. This was at the beginning of the Intifada. Today Zakya’s income feeds and clothes her sister-in-law, her four children (aged 2-12) and also her elderly parents.

Zakya’s main source of income is her land. The construction of the separation fence passes near her village, about 3km from the Green Line, has left around 500 dunam (out of the total village land of 1000 dunam) on the other side of the fence. Therefore Zakya is forced to walk 10km to pass through the gate in the fence and arrive at her land, which is around 500 meters from her home. Additionally, her permits are occasionally not reviewed and she is entirely prevented from reaching her land.