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Israeli Army Invades Centre of Ramallah, Kill 4 Injure 34

Update: Palestinian ISM activist Mansour who had gone to the scene was injured by shrapnel when soldiers opened fire at bystanders. Luckily he wasn’t hit directly but he was hit by shrapnel in the head and required stitches. At the time of writing this update, 4 are confirmed dead, including 21-year old Issa Qasim from Jenin, and 34 injured.

Sunbula reports from the media office:

The Israeli Army have invaded al-Manara, close to the center of Ramallah in order to try and apprehended resistance fighters. They are rather uncomfortably close to the ISM apartment and we can see smoke rising in the distance and hear gunshots. I was about to go out with a friend but it’s not really a good idea right now.

Two of our Palestinian ISMers have gone to the scene of the action. We are now sitting in the ISM apartment watching al-Jazeera (that really is worth watching to find out what’s going on) and Neta’s daughter runs with her little baby footsteps toward the window every time there’s a gunshot to see what’s happened. She seems a lot less worried about things than the rest of us, she is rather more concerned with eating as many of the biscuits I bought a couple of hours ago as possible.

It’s really bizarre to see the place that I had wandered through the last time I was there and just a couple of days ago looking like a war zone on TV. Will update more on what’s happening as more developments come. The shebaab are trying to set up roadblocks and there are at least12 injured. The latest is that it would be preferable not for internationals to go to where there is an impromptu demonstration happening near al-Manara.
Just heard that two people were killed.

More to follow.