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Three Non-violent Actions Friday


Villagers in Bil’in, Beit Sira, and Salem will continue to protest against the annexation of their land this Friday, despite threats of collective punishment by the Israeli Civil Administration.

Bil’in villagers, joined by Israeli and international activists and a Tibetan monk, will hold their weekly demonstration against the wall, which annexes village land into the illegal Modi’in Elite settlement.

Beit Sira villagers, Israeli and international activists, will hold their weekly demonstration against the annexation barrier that illegally seizes land for the Makabim settlement.

Both Bil’in and Beit Sira demonstrations will start after midday prayers (around noon,) heading off from the villages’ mosques.

Salem villagers will be joined by Israeli and international human rights workers as they farm their land. They are trying to protect villagers from the heavy settler violence that has been occurring recently.

Last week a 68 year-old Salem villager, Saber Shtaya, was brutally attacked by settlers. He has been in the hospital since the attack and just today woke up from a coma.

Salem farmers and their supporters will set out from the village at 8:00am.

For more information call:

Beit Sira -Mansur 0545420464
Bil’in – Abdullah 0547-258-210
Salem –Arik Ascherman (Rabbis for Human Rights) 050-5607034
ISM media office at 02-2971824