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Three Anti-Annexation barrier protests Friday 3rd of March

All the protests will begin at 12:00

Villagers of Beit Sira will hold the Friday prayers on their land being annexed along with the Makabim settlement to Israel. Last Friday Israeli Matan Cohn was shot in the eye and Hussni Rayan had a rubber coated bullet enter 8cm into his body when border police opened fired rubber coated bullets indiscriminately at the crowd of protestors.

Villagers of Bil’in who’s land is being annexed together with the Modi’in Elite settlement and the illegal Metityahu Mizrah to Israel will hold it’s weekly demonstration.

Christian and Muslim residents of Abud who’s land’s are being annexed to the Ofarim and Beit Ariyhe settlements will march to the construction site of a secondary fence, in addition to the one built on the green line that is being built on their land.

For more information call:
Beit Sira-Mansur 0545420464
Bil’in- Abdullah 0547-258-210
ISM media office at 02-2971824