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Settlers of South Hebron Region Destroy Olive Trees


On the morning of Friday, January 6th, the village of Jwaya, near Tuwani in the southern region of the West bank, awoke to find one hundred and twenty of their olive trees cut down. The trees were approximately 30-31 years old and owned by Ibrahim Ahmad Al E’ moor and represent an important part of the livelihood of the village.

This is just one incident in what has been a constant stream of abuse, attacks, and property destruction against the Palestinians by the settlers of the region. Villages like Qawawis, Tuwani and others have been under near constant attack and threat of attack from the settlers. The villagers of Qawawis were evicted from their village for a year, until an Israeli court ruled that villagers had the right to live on their land, but settlers continue to harass them with humiliation and violence. ISM and CPT and other organizations have been maintaining a presence in the villages of the region.

Settlers across the West Bank have used the cutting of olive trees, an important part of the Palestinian economy and culture, to intimidate and frighten villagers, in the interest of driving Palestinians off their land. These actions take place with the tacit support of the Israeli military and police forces, who rarely prevent or punish such attacks.

These latest acts of violence against peaceful farmers in the Hebron Hills come in the wake of Sharon’s most recent hospitalization, and are being overlooked by a media focused elsewhere.

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