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Mohammed Mansour’s Court Case to Restart Tuesday


Palestinian non-violent organiser Mohammed Mansour from Biddu will appear in court again on Tuesday. He is scheduled to appear before an Israeli judge at the “Peace Court” in occupied east Jerusalem at 9:30 am. Mohammed is being charged with assaulting a police officer and throwing stones following his arrest by undercover police during a non-violent demonstration against the apartheid wall in Al Ram on June 26th 2004.

At Mohammed’s last hearing, the prosecution offered Mohammed’s lawyer a deal. Mohammed would have to had accepted a 3500 shekel fine and the condition that he not participate in any demonstrations for the next two years. Mohammed rejected the deal.

When Mohammed was initially arrested in June 2004 he was severely beaten, hospitalised and then held for a week before his release on bail together with another three Palestinians, including two minors, who were arrested at the Al Ram demonstration. Five Israeli peace activists, also arrested at the demonstration, were released a few hours following their arrest.

A Palestinian photographer working for the Israeli news paper Yediot Ahreonot was also assaulted and severely beaten by undercover police during the demonstration.

Mohammed’s trail is taking place while 16 non violent activists from the village of Bil’in are still in jail in an attempt to crush the non-violent resistance in the village.

The International Solidarity Movement condemns the Israeli legal system’s defense of war crimes committed by the Israeli military and settlers, as well as its criminalization of non-violent protest against the Occupation.