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Gaza occupation continues after disengagement

From the CNI Foundation

The Israeli settlers have left, but the siege of Palestinian towns and villages in Gaza that lie near the old settlements continues unabated, according the latest report of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

The Israeli Defense Forces razed houses and leveled areas on the eastern border with Israel. They have limited the number of Palestinians from using the international border at Rafah – the only way Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are able to gain access to the international world. All Palestinians between the ages of 16 and 35 are prohibited from leaving Gaza, for example, a prohibition that has been in effect for some time.

Unspecified attacks and sometimes unreported attacks are taking place against Palestinian civilians, for example, a 19-year-old living in Rafah, which was reported on a Rafah blog site. The PCHR reported paralyzing roadblocks on the main road of the Gaza Strip. “Thousands of Palestinian civilians were seen waiting at the roadsides to travel between the north and south of the Gaza Strip.” Moreover, the occupation in the West Bank continues at full force. During the period August 25-31, PCHR reported more than 30 military incursions into the West Bank, the raiding of private houses and arrest of civilians. The Israeli military continues to raze houses that have been constructed “without permits,” and to confiscate land for checkpoints. In Hebron, where Israli settlers have attacked Palestinians repeatedly, a new attack took place on August 25. According to PCHR, they “threw stones and empty bottles at a house belonging to Mohammed Hamed Abu ‘Eisha. They also demolished the fence of the house. The Israeli military were present in the area, but did not intervene to stop this attack. The house was damaged.”