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18 people abuducted by soldiers in Tarna


ISM MEDIA GROUP — Soldiers invaded the small village of Tarna where home construction is under way and arrested 18 Palestinians — 16 residents of Tarna and two others working with nonprofit organizations — and are now taking them to detention. The 18 people were with three foreign members of the World Council of Churches. The three internationals were not arrested by have chosen to accompany the Palestinians to jail.

A jeep carrying Israeli occupation forces entered the village just after 9:30 p.m. and began shouting at the group which was camped there. Many of the structures of Tarna, rock-built houses were demolished several months ago by the Israeli military. This month, villagers and activists have been rebuilding the structures and seeking an injunction against the military from destroying them again. The military has been working to argue that the place is uninhabited.

Tonight, soldiers told the group that they were in a closed military zone and under arrest. Mohey Hasson, a field researcher for Rabbis For Human Rights, is among the arrested. Via mobile phone, Hasson said group was in transit to an undisclosed detention facility.

The three members of the World Council of Churches were told they were free to go where they pleased, but chose to travel with the Palestinians.

Rabbis for Human Rights and the villagers of Tarna have been keeping a low profile on the home reconstruction in Tarna. It was their hope to rebuild a significant number of the buildings that the army demolished while taking the matter of demolitions to court. It’s obvious that the Israeli military lacks any legal standing on this issue and is using blunt force to frighten villagers from returning to their home to rebuild.

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