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Bil’in villagers build a wall of their own to protest land annexation

By ISMedia

Villagers from Bil’in on Friday, along with Israeli and international peace activists and Internationals dressed in black, will participate in a demonstration against the Israel’s Annexation Wall, currently under constructed in Bil’in.

Completion of the Wall could mean death of the Palestinian identity, security and any chance for sovereignty. That message is the theme of this week’s demonstration. People clothed in the color of mourning, will carry a replica of the Wall to the construction site. A depiction of a Palestinian family will be tied, to the panels of the replica which will also include a guillotine over their heads, just in case the message isn’t already clear enough.

Activists will wear black shirts with stark white numbers, each one a researched statistic detailing what sort of loss is in store for the Palestinian people because of the wall.

Israel has placed the route of the wall so that 60 percent of Bil’in’s land is located on the Israeli side of the wall. This way, more land is available to enlarge the nearby Matitiyahu Mizrah settlement.

Last week, nonviolent activists were met with tear gas and sound grenades as they tried to place a stuffed cloth snake with a dove in its mouth, representing the way the Annexation Wall is destroying any prospect of peace. 16 people were detained at the demonstration; 14 Israelis and 2 internationals. One international was kicked in the head by an IDF soldier.