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Emmatin protests agianst ‘Ariel finger’

Thursday, July 14th at 8am, the people in Emmatin along with neighbouring villages, will hold a direct action against tree demolition and the Annexation Wall. Meeting at the Municipality, they will be joined by Israeli and International activists.

This meeting follows a passive demonstration held last thursday in which eight people were injured.

Last week, over 600 olive trees were uprooted by Israeli bulldozers. Their aim is to prepare for the building of the Annexation Barrier in an area only 500 meters from homes within Emmatin.

Emmatin is a village located between Qalqilia and Nablus, and surrounded by the Israeli settlements of Qedumim and Immanuel.

The Wall being built in Emmatin is part of the `finger’ that will surround the illegal Israeli settlement called Immanuel.

It was reported in ‘Ha’aretz’ that the Ariel finger will be connected to the southern part of the Salfit Wall near Abud and that the northern finger will be connected to the Wall somewhere near Qalqilia.

If the Wall in Emmatin is built, the village will lose 2000 Dunams of it’s agricultural land. Currently, farmers face a daily struggle to access their land.

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