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The Tom Hurndall Shooting – The International Solidarity Movement comments upon the verdict

The ISM acknowledges that though the Israeli military court has found Wahid Taysir guilty of manslaughter it has failed to question the policy and decision makers responsible for Tom’s murder and the murder of thousands of other innocent people.

Tom would want us to remember him. But we also know he’d want us to remember that thousands of innocent Palestinians have died under similar circumstances. These people’s deaths have not been investigated, and have often been lied about, claiming the victims to be combatants or explained away with empty phrases like “caught in the crossfire” or “tragic accident.”

We pay tribute to the courage and determination of the Hurndall family, who despite their grief, fought for justice, and overcame every obstacle the Israeli Government and Army put in front of them.

The ISM renews its demand for an independent investigation of the murder of American ISM volunteer Rachel Corrie in Rafah who was crushed to death by an Israel military bulldozer on March 16, 2003, a few weeks before Tom was shot.

Tom Hurndall is never far from our thoughts, and he continues to inspire our Palestinian, Israeli, and International volunteers as we begin our Freedom Summer 2005 campaign in the Occupied Territories.

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Email: info@palsolidarity.org

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