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Susan Barclay says thank you to supporters

Susan issued the following statement today:

I just wanted to write a very quick note to let people know that I am indeed fre’ and beyond happy. I just wanted to say an immediat’ incredibly sincere THANK YOU to all the people who worked so very hard to support me. I can not tell you how much it means. I have been very busy and will be meeting with my lawyer tomorrow to discuss various legal possibilities and then I hope to find the time to write an account of exactly what happened. THANK YOU AGAIN.


At the time of writing, Susan’s story still has been conspicuous by its absence in the American press although other media concerns in the US have taken up her story. The British press has not overlooked her case as you can see if you read the following story in ISM in the Press: Foreigners bring in the harvest and the wounded

Please e-mail any American newspapers that you know of and ask them why this story is not of any interest to them? Do they wish to be complicit in human rights abuses of their own citizens? It is particularly surprising that the press in Washington state has been very quiet on the fate of one of its citizens.