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Remember Rachel

rachel 1

16th March 2014 | International Solidarity Movement | Occupied Palestine On this date 11 years ago, ISM volunteer Rachel Corrie was brutally murdered by the Israeli army in Gaza. Rachel was 23-years-old. This interview was filmed two days before Rachel ...

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Demonstration in commemoration of Land Day

30th March 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Burin, Occupied Palestine By Team Nablus On the 30th March 1976, Palestinian citizens of Israel instigated demonstrations in protest at Israeli government plans to confiscate large amounts of Palestinian land in the Galilee ...

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Remembering Rachel Corrie

19th March 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Nablus , Occupied Palestine Team Nablus On March 16th 2013, the International Solidarity Movement was joined by the International Women’s Peace Service and the Tanweer Center in commemorating the death of Rachel Corrie ...

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Remembering Rachel Corrie – 10 years on

16th March 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Occupied Palestine American activist Rachel Corrie was killed in Gaza ten years ago today. The International Solidarity Movement write this message in her memory. Rachel, a 23 year old woman from Olympia, Washington, was ...

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Justice for Rachel Corrie

rachel parents

Cindy and Craig Corrie talk about their struggle for accountability for Rachel’s death Abby Martin speaks with Cindy and Craig Corrie, parents of slain activist Rachel Corrie, about their case against the Israeli government and their fight for social justice ...

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Take Action: Verdict in Corrie Case Requires U.S. Investigation

September 19 2012 | US Campaign to End the Occupation Urge the U.S. Government to Investigate Israel’s Attacks on Rachel and Others Rachel Corrie Rachel Corrie was a U.S. citizen and a human rights defender committed to ending Israel’s illegal demolition of ...

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Rachel Corrie: Blaming the victim

Rachel Corrie on March 16,2003

Attorney Hussein Abu Hussein, who represented Rachel Corrie’s family in its suit against Israel, says they knew from the beginning that it would be an uphill battle to find truth and justice in an Israeli court. By Hussein Abu Hussein ...

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ISM’s response to the Rachel Corrie verdict

Rachel Corrie on March 16, 2003

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is deeply concerned by the verdict of Judge Oded Gershon that absolved Israel’s military and state of the 2003 murder of American ISM activist Rachel Corrie. Rachel was crushed to death by an Israeli army ...

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