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Kite flying in Beit Hanoun

29 June 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Every Tuesday morning there is a demonstration against the Occupation in Beit Hanoun, when people march into the buffer zone, demand an end to the occupation, and are met with more bullets ...

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My speech for Vik’s memorial in Faraheen

29 May 2011 | Nathan Stuckey, International Solidarity Movement – Gaza Many of you here have known Victor longer than I. I will not tell you about what a great person Victor was, you already know that. I will instead ...

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Nakba day in Gaza

(Getty Images)

18 May 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Nakba Day. The day of the Catastrophe. A day to mark the ethnic cleansing of 800,000 Palestinians from their homes. A day to remind themselves and the world, that one day, they ...

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Vik’s not gone

Vittorio Arrigoni and Adie

22 April 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Vik, habibo, you’re not gone, not for me at least. In life you brought the warmth every time I met you, and to everyone else. You did not see it as a ...

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Views from the Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley

19 April 2011 | Jack Curry The cluster of Jordan Valley villages located around Fasayil offer a twisted microcosm of the fickle barbarity of Israel’s illegal occupation. Families who seemingly share land, live side by side with no separation except ...

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